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    RETIREMENT WITH 403(B) OR 457(B)

    Employees of Troup County School System have the option to contribute to an additional retirement account. This plan is in addition to the required TRS or PSERS Plan through The State of Georgia.

    Start contributing now to 403(b) or 457(b) Retirement Plans by investigating the following options:

    403B Plan – available to all employees
    Supplemental PSERS 403b Plan – available only to employees enrolled in Public School Employee Retirement System
    457 Deferred Compensation Plan – available to all employees

    Valic contact person: Cliff England (678) 231-7677 clifford.england@valic.com 

    Please see the attached investment guide for savings tips and possible investment models.


    As a school district employee, you are in the unique position of earning a pension upon retiring. This pension is either referred to as the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) or Public School Employee Retirement Plan (PSERS). While these are wonderful benefits, the pension amount is still not enough to ensure that your Golden Years are all you deserve them to be. Please refer to the below disclosures:

    TRS Disclosure

    PSERS Disclosure

    TRS/PSERS Education Video:  

    TRS/PSERS Education Video


    Members are enrolled in defined benefit pension plan for retirement.

    Thinking of Retiring – PSERS
    ERS Benefit Retirement Options

    If you qualify by years of service and age, PSERS provides lifetime retirement benefits, disability benefits, and death benefits. At retirement, options may also be chosen that can provide lifetime benefits to your beneficiary beginning at your death. The amount you receive is calculated by years of CREDITABLE SERVICE multiplied by a SPECIFIC DOLLAR AMOUNT. The dollar amount is set by the Georgia General Assembly. The current DOLLAR AMOUNT is $14.75.

    For more information, go to PSERS Website
    Download PSERS forms

    Contact Information:
    Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia
    Two Northside 75
    Atlanta, GA 30318


    Members are enrolled in defined benefit pension plan for retirement.

    Thinking of Retiring – TRS
    TRS Benefit Retirement Options

    How is your retirement benefit calculated? Your retirement benefit is calculated by using the percentage of salary formula. Simply stated, two percent is multiplied by your years of creditable service, including partial years (not to exceed 40 years). This product is then multiplied by your average monthly salary for your two highest consecutive years of membership service.

    For more information, go to TRS Website
    Download TRS forms

    Contact Information:
    Teachers Retirement System of Georgia
    Two Northside 75, Suite 100
    Atlanta, GA 30318


    Upon termination, you will receive a letter from State Health advising of the COBRA premiums or you can call State Health (SHBP) at (800) 610-1863 for additional information if you are interested. You can also log into your www.mySHBPga.adp.com account for details.

    If you are not receiving a pension, you may consider COBRA from SHBP.  If you will receive a pension that will cover your Medical premiums, you can ignore the COBRA Notice from SHBP.  Your Medical Premiums will begin to be withdrawn from your second pension check.

    TRS/PSERS deduct “month of” verses “one month in advance”.  If you retire in May, your May paycheck will pay for June Coverage. You will get a June retirement check where Medical will not be withdrawn. Your July TRS/PSERS check should your SHBP Medical Premiums as a Retiree- review your pension checks for deductions; otherwise, you could receive a bill to cover any month(s) that were not deducted.

    Newsletter on Benefits and Retirement

    Things you need to know about Medical when you retire

    The Department of Community Health/ The State Health Benefit Plan updated the subsidy policy for anyone hired after 1/1/2007, or had less than 5 years of service or less on 1/1/2012.

    See Calculator and Policy below:

    SHBP Years of Service Subsidy Website

    Retire Rate Calculator-Annuitant Years of Service Subsidy Under Age 65 

    Retiree Rate Calculator- Annuitant Years of Service Subsidy Medicare Advantage Over Age 65


    If you begin drawing an immediate pension upon retirement from Teachers’ Retirement System or Public School Employees’ Retirement System, you can maintain your existing medical plan until you reach age 65 and become eligible for Medicare.

    For those retirees and spouses (if covered) age 65 or older, you must register with Social Security for Medicare Parts A and B 60 days prior to retirement; or turning 65.

    Complete Medicare enrollment online at www.ssa.gov or visit your local Social Security office.  There will be a “Request for Employment Information” form you will need to bring to the Benefits Office for completion.

    Do not enroll in Part D, as Medicare Advantage contains this component. Enrollment in Part D or other Medicare supplemental policies will end your Medicare Advantage eligibility.

    Contact SHBP at 1 800 610-1863 or log onto your www.mySHBPga.adp.com account to report the effective date(s) of your Medicare Part A and B coverage. SHBP will accept this information as early as (90) days prior to retirement.

    SHBP will use this card to verify eligibility for Medicare with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Once verified, you will be eligible for the Medicare Advantage Plans.

    Medicare Advantage Plans are the only medical plans subsidized by SHBP once you turn age 65. If you remain on the Gold, Silver, or Bronze you will pay the full cost of the plan ($1,292-$3,167/month). For more information on the Medicare Advantage Plans, please visit the State Health Website (www.dch.ga.gov/shbp) to review the SHBP Retiree Decision Guide and dates. Immediately after retirement you will need to call SHBP at 1 800 610-1863 to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you do not contact SHBP to choose a plan, your coverage will default to United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Standard Plan.


    We are here to assist with any of your benefits questions. Email us at enrollment@houze.org, call us toll-free at 1-800-523-7135.

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    Summary of Benefits

    Click below to download and review a Summary of Benefits document (.pdf).

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