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    The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide leave for employees who experience disabling illnesses/injuries after their own accumulated leave has been exhausted.


    The Sick Leave Bank shall be administered by a Sick Leave Bank Committee consisting of six (6) employees and a Board Member on a two (2) year term.  Members shall be:  a school based administrator; the Chief Financial Officer; two (2) certified and two (2) non-certified employees rotating among elementary, middle, and high schools and departments.  The Committee shall be appointed by same manner.  The Chairman shall be the Chief Financial Officer.  The secretary to the Chief Financial Officer shall serve as Secretary to the Committee, but will not be a voting member.

    The Committee shall have the responsibility of approving or denying requests for Sick Leave Bank withdrawals upon receipt of the information forwarded to them by the Committee secretary.


    Administrative Regulation Certified & Classified Personnel Sick Leave Bank
    Descriptor Code: GCRGB (1)-R


    Any person who is employed 50% of the work day and has completed 1 (one) year of service with the Troup County School System may become a member by donating one day of his/her accumulated sick leave annually during an annual open enrollment period.  Membership requests will only be accepted during the annual enrollment period with membership to become effective January 1.  New employees will be eligible for participation in the second year of employment.  Prior service with Troup County School System may be applied if the break in service did not exceed 12 months. 

    The donation of one sick day to establish membership must be in writing on the Sick Leave Bank Donation Form.  Members will be reassessed one day per year, to be added to the sick Leave Bank on December 1 of each year or more often if necessary, not to exceed two (2) days per year, to sustain the Sick Leave Bank balance. 

    Donations to the Sick Leave Bank are nonrefundable and nontransferable.


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