Houze Benefits

"Our goal is to take the hassle out of benefits administration and annual enrollments for clients, while educating their employees as to the value of the benefits and how to best use them."  -Jason Weldon

Concierge-Level Service

Helpful, Knowledgeable and low-pressure enrollment periods.

We work to provide an enrollment experience that is educational and informative, without aggressive sales people.


Houze & Associates can partner with you to offer:

Enrollment Planning

Our experience in planning an enrollment, partnered with your knowledge of your employee base will enable us to plan the best possible enrollment to meet the needs of employers & employees.

Employee Education

An informed employee makes better decisions, and it is our job to inform them.  Houze & Associates develops employee/staff educational materials and presentations that will improve the utilization of your benefits while controlling costs for both your employees and employer.  Our track record in these areas is second to none.

Customized Benefit Packets

Benefit packets can be personalized and customized to include a variety of pertinent information to be distributed prior to open enrollment.


Houze & Associates provides multiple avenues for employees to enroll their benefits.

Online Enrollment
Houze & Associates has developed our own online enrollment system to accommodate new and existing benefits, as well as any ancillary benefits. Employees are assigned a PIN number and can self-enroll online at their convenience.

Benefit Counselors
Houze & Associates will visit any company location in order to sit down with each employee to review and elect/decline all offered benefits.  Benefit Counselors are equipped with signature pads as well as printers, so Employees leave with a copy of their signed benefit election form. Signatures and elections are housed in the computer that allows for a Composite Enrollment Form for upload to the carriers and to the employers payroll/benefit system.

Call Center
Houze & Associates provides a toll free call center staffed with licensed agents to talk through any benefit question or changes with your employees. We provide PIN number certification (see benefit statements), so employees can elect/decline benefits through the call center.

Benefits Administration

We offer assistance long after enrollment is over.

A Plan for Post Enrollment Administration

Houze & Associates works with our clients not only prior to and during enrollment, but we assist in clean-up and follow-up post enrollment. We provide services that are valued to our employers because it frees their time to focus on other needs for employees. Our clients enjoy the following post enrollment administrative services:

  • Composite Enrollment File
  • Customized Benefits Website
  • Dedicated Account Management

Benefit Life Cycle

This chart illustrates your benefits life-cycle and where we will assist your company in saving money, while providing the best possible employee benefits package.

Benefits Life Cycle

This process along with our white-glove approach can possibly save you thousands of dollars a year. In fact, that's exactly what we've done for over 30 years for dozens of our long-term clients. If our track record is any indication, over 85% of our clients have been with us for longer than a decade! We are proud to be able to share numerous testimonials from clients who enjoy the high level of attention Houze & Associates provides.

All of these services are provided at no extra cost to our clients.  Guaranteed.