Cobb County Retirees

Retiree Association Benefits are not the same as Active Employee Benefits.

CCREA Information  Dental/Vision Flyer 
Cancer Guardian Program  

Have Questions?

Please call the Houze office with any questions at 1-800-523-713

Plan Information:

Choose the links at the top of the page for Dental and Vision Plan Information and Rates.

The information in this guide describes the benefit plans in general terms. This information is not intended to replace the legal plan documents, summary plan descriptions, group policies or certificates of coverage that describe specific benefits, limitations or exclusions.

For questions related to any of these benefit programs, please contact us at (800) 523-7135.

This information is provided by: HOUZE & ASSOCIATES, INC.

Medical - Cobb County (under 65) or Medicare: OneExchange (over 65)

Medical and ICMA Deferred Comp is not sponsored through the Retiree Association or Houze & Associates, Inc. For information, only.

Under 65 Email: or call 770-528-2539
Over 65 or call 855-872-6814

ICMA Deferred Comp Account

If you would like to update your beneficiary or do not know who your beneficiary is, you wil need to complete a new form if you have a ICMA deferred comp account. This will ensure your beneficiary is correct. The form should be faxed or mailed direct to ICMA RC. Beneficiary Update Forms