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2019 Plan Year

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Employee may enroll, drop or change their contributions to the Voluntary Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) plan be completing the TSA Form.  Click Here

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Retiree Considerations - with information on medical, dental, vision and Medicare advantage plans in retirement.

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2019 Benefits Information

Personalized Benefit Statement Medical Flyer/Rates
  MCS Summary of Benefits
Hyatt Legal Flyer  Telemedicine & Wellness

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Welcome 2019 New Hires!

Meetings will be held for Enrollment and Education every two weeks.
You are able to view the Benefits Presentation before and after your session. (Printable PDF)

All New Employees MUST enroll for State Health Medical on the ADP Portal within 30 days of their start date. 

Medical Flyer/Rates

Summary of Benefits- Marietta City Schools

Enrollment Form (Marietta) and SHBP Information Form

To all of our Employees:

Marietta City School Board realizes that our most valuable resource is our employees. That is why we provide you with one of the area's most progressive and comprehensive benefit programs to ensure your current and future financial security.

A variety of employee benefit programs have been designed to assist you and your eligible dependents in meeting the financial burdens that can result from illness, disability, and death, and to help you plan for retirement, deal with job-related or personal problems, and enhance your job-related skills. This benefit guide is meant to give you a detailed description of our benefit programs and is designed to:

  • Make your benefits easier to access and understand when you need them most.
  • Help you do your own personal benefits and financial planning.
  • Provide a detailed source of accurate information about Marietta City Schools' benefit plans and programs.

The information in this guide describes the employee benefit plans in general terms. This information is not intended to replace the legal plan documents, summary plan descriptions, group policies or certificates of coverage that describe specific benefits, limitations or exclusions. Marietta City Schools reserves the right to amend or terminate any of these programs or to require or increase employee premium contributions toward any benefit at its discretion. For questions related to any of these benefit programs, please contact Houze & Associates at 800-523-7135.


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We are here to assist with your Benefits needs. Call us with any questions or concerns at our toll-free number, 800.523.7135 or email us at

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