Employee Benefits - Important Notice

Annual Enrollment 

The Langdale Company offers a comprehensive package of benefits designed to meet the personal needs of employees.  You will find that the benefits balance two important considerations:

1) the need for a modern, comprehensive program that meets the essential needs of employees; and

2) the desire to satisfy special concerns and priorities of employees.  


2018 Plan Year Information & Packet Materials

Annual Enrollment Letter
Enrollment Schedule
Dependent Verification Reminder
TLC Benefits Summary of Benefits
Prescription Plan Changes to ProCare
Elect Rx Announcement
Wellness Program Continuation
Medical Summary of Benefits Coverage
Summary of Material Modification
CHIP Notice
Womans Health and Cancer Rights Notice
Notice of Privacy Practices

2017 Plan Information

Benefit Elections can be viewed through BenefitsAccess

The following material was included in the employee benefit packets:

2017 Open Enrollment Package Letter
2017 Summary of Benefits
Dependent Verification Documentation
Walk-In Urgent Care information
Wellness Program Flyer
Know Your Rights Flyer
Medical Bills resources
Southern Scripts flyer
CHIP Notice
Notice of Privacy Practices
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Women’s Health & Cancer Rights Notice
COBRA Alternative flyer

Useful Information


The employees of The Langdale Company are offered a comprehensive package of benefits to meet their personal requirements. In reading this information, you will find the results of efforts balancing two important considerations. The first consideration is the need for a modern, comprehensive program that meets the employees' essential needs. The second consideration is the desire to satisfy special concerns and priorities of employees. We are proud of the Langdale Employee Benefits Plan. It is designed in response to our employees' needs - a plan that opens the door for financial security and affordable health care.

This benefit guide is meant to give you a detailed description of our benefit programs and is designed to:

  • Make your benefits easier to access and understand when you need them most.
  • Help you understand your own personal benefits and financial planning.
  • Provide a detailed source of accurate information about The Langdale Company Benefits Plan.

The information in this guide describes the employee benefit plans in general terms. This information is not intended to replace the legal plan documents, summary plan descriptions, group policies or certificates of coverage that describe specific benefits, limitations or exclusions. The Langdale Company, reserves the right to amend or terminate any of these programs or to increase employee premium contributions toward any benefit at our discretion. For questions related to any of these benefit programs, please contact our Human Resources Department at (229) 333-2567.