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The Haralson County School System realizes that our most valuable resource is our employees. We provide you, our employees, one of the area's most progressive and comprehensive benefit programs to ensure your current and future financial security.

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If you have specific questions about your benefits, claims or other admistrative items, please call Stacey Layton at the Board Office (770) 574-2500 or contact Houze & Associates, Inc. at (800)-523-7135.

2019/2020 Plan Year Information

Haralson County Schools benefits Plan Year is July 1 - June 30.

Summary of Employee Benefits 2019/2020

Review your 2019/2020 Elections through BenefitsAccess

Medical Benefits with State Health are January - December with elections enrolled through the ADP SHBP website

Don't forget about State Health Wellness Credits and Live Health Online

Retirement or Leaving Haralson?

Exit Notice for All Terminations

Continuing Benefits During Retirement This includes information on medical, dental, vision and Medicare advantage plans in retirement.

Things you should know about Medical when you retire.


To review your State Health medical election, please visit the SHBP website.

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2020 Active Decision Guide Plan Details and Contact Information

Welcome New Employees!

State Health Medical MUST BE ENROLLED through www.myshbpga.adp.com within 30 days of your START date.

  • Transfer employees from other GA School Systems will remain in your existing Medical Plan until the next annual enrollment.

New Employee Presentation 2019/2020 

2019/2020 Haralson County Schools Summary of Benefits

State Health 2019 Medical Plan Information
State Health Enrollment - Information

For questions or assistance in enrolling, contact Houze & Associates, Inc at 800-523-7135 or enrollment@houze.org


Summary of Benefits 2016/2017

Summary of Benefits 2017/2018

Summary of Benefits 2018/2019

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We are here to assist with your Benefits needs. Call us with any questions or concerns at our toll-free number, 800.523.7135 or email us at enrollment@houze.org

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